"Wir verwenden unsere Praxis um aufzuwachen" (Mushim Ikeda)

Los-lassen. Hier sein. Jetzt jetzt jetzt jetzt.


Free of charge, not for nothing

Kostet nix, ist aber nicht umsonst



Ressourcen Meditation online

Warum und Wozu

 Meditation is a big word. The sense of meditation for me is, strengthening heart-fulness and bodyfulness practice, community building, creating an atmosphere of arriving, togetherness and contribute to a just world.

Meditation means a lot to me, has given me space to "see what is", to calm down, to be in the moment, often with hard feelings of grieve, pain, of being a total mess, and not good, or not good enough, or this or that.

Meditation for me is not necessarilly chilling, being far away from the world and reality, in my sight it is more the opposite, it is practicing the fullest possible connection to me, other people, the world and through that, a possibilty to act more then react and harm less, myself and others, and our* earth.