Invitation Meditation Group/Einladung zur Meditation in der Gruppe

"We using our practice to wake up" (Mushim ikeda)

"one breath to let go, one breath to be here, one breath to ask, now what?..."

Dear Human!

Lieber Mensch!


    Sommer-Zeit: 18:00 bis 20:00

Ankommen: 18:00, Start: 18:30


Eine Meditationsgruppe die sich einmal im Monat, den 2. Sonntag im Monat trifft.

You are welcome to join a monthly meditation group every second Sunday a month.      


I would like to arrange a monthly meditation meeting with a circa 1,5 hour window including./Das Treffen beinhaltet:


1) Welcome, Input Meditation via talk/video

2) Meditation for 30 Minutes

3) Tuning out, Sharing, Questions, Tea and water


This is a tryout and work in progress - it depends on the people and group how we will move forward.

I wish to create spaces for various beings in all their facets.


You are welcome either way, experienced, or not experienced in meditaton. You are welcome if you wanna be part of it.

 Für - oft so genannt - Anfänger_innen und Fortgeschrittene, wenn dich die Einladung ansprichst, sei´dabei.


Registration required. If you are planning to come to the next meeting, please let me know because of limited places.

Bitte melde dich an, damit ich weiß ob Platz für dich ist.


Please be on time and sober, wear comfortable cloth and bring your own pillow or mat, if wished. If not, pillows, mats are available.

Komm´ bitte nüchtern, in dir bequemer Kleidung und mit deinem Kissen wenn du magst. Sonst wird sich was vor Ort finden.


Free of charge, not for nothing

Kostet nix, ist aber nicht umsonst


Language: Deutsch, English, as required/wie erforderlich

Looking within - 2. Treffen - 11.10.2020


"Becoming more intimate with our lifes, moment by moment" [Michael Stone]


Wir sehen uns das zweite Video der Serie Looking Within als Einstimmung und Inspiration an (~14 Minuten).

Danach gibt es eine 30-Minuten Stille*-Meditation in der du wahlweise das Gehörte und Gesehene einbauen kannst.

Im Anschluss ist Zeit für Austausch und Tee.


Bitte melde dich an/sag mir Bescheid wenn du kommst. Ich freue mich auf dich!



Material & Ressourcen ONLINE

*about me and the sense of this space*

Meditation is a big word. The sense of this group for me is, strengthening mindfulness practice, community building, creating an atmosphere of arrival and contribute to a just world.

Meditation means a lot to me, has given me space to "see what is", to calm down, to be in the moment, often with hard feelings of grieve, pain, of being a total mess, and not good, or not good enough, or this or that. Meditation for me is not necessarilly chilling, being far away from the world and reality, in my sight it is more the opposite, it is practising the fullest possible connection to me, other people, the world and through that, a possibilty to act more then react and harm less, myself and others, and our* earth.


I am experienced trans and queer, in addiction behavior, mental health problems, and the loss of important people.