The sense and spirit of Nuad

Nuad-Massage for everyone! Techniques* and Quick Guide

The world of Massaging is huge. I practice Nuad also so-called Thai Massage. It comes alive in various ways and is a whole Universe.
I would like to share my passion for it and give you a glimpse of it through sharing aspects of Nuad for one-self and others.

I would like to ask you to see my sharing with keeping in mind, it is my interpretation and approach. So it can appear different from other things you have seen and heard.
I would love if you gain something positive from my sharing and hope you are staying well.

I fall in love with touch, again and again. I really am. :) Big smile.
There are so many beautiful aspects of Nuad-Massage, sometimes I do not know where to start and end if talking about it. And, it is hard to describe with words what I feel, I mean describing something is one thing, feeling-seeing with the whole body is another one.

Today I wanna present you a technique which is called sweeping. I have to give a heartful hallo and thank you at this point to Shai Plonski, who helped me th bring my practise a way deeper and in a much more joyful direction. I love to learn from you Shai. 

Anyways, sweeping is a kind of clouds-touching, bringing light but present touch to your body and bodyparts, sure, with exactly the amount of power you love to get and give. It is possible that the strength you wanna touch yourself with, is different from time to time. I would like to suggest, find it out, be curious and explore your body.

I invite you to experiment and be curious and really explore your different possibilities. 

Touching is an art. And you can do it! 
You can make art out of touching yourself and others. Isn‘t that amazing?!?!?! 

So, back to the *technique* 

You make yourself comfortable, and try it out on your forearm. 
You breathe in . . .
You breathe out . . . 
Exactly like you want (or can), and bring your hand onto your arm in the hight of your elbow, just below your elbow and start sweeping with parts of your fingers and hand from the other hand in the direction of your fingers, you sweep in the speed you like and power you like, you can do this several times on one place to deepen it. 
Stop a few seconds in between, change your arm-position and start again. 
Relax your bodyparts during your practice, smile (if possible), enjoy, pause, whatever your gut feeling (intuition) is telling you. 

1) Position yourself comfortable (maybe with adding pillows) 
2) Experience YOUR breathing 
3) Moving your fingers/hand over on and over your body, relax your shoulders/belly whole body as much as possible 
4) Let your body sway/swing with the movement, like a wave 
5) Your movement comes from the middle of your body, not just from your hands 
6) You can pause after a while and in the end, feel what you feel. Maybe you feel a shift in temperature, livelyness of parts of your body, or something else ?

Combine your breath with movement.
Of course, you can also combine different techniques, such as sweeping with pressure, for example with the fluffy part of your palm.
Real (firm) pressure is only exerted on muscles, which are usually noticeably softer structures of your body that sometimes really "dance" when you communicate with them.

Extra bonus: 
Do you have a mantra/powersentence/selflove- or other people-love-thought in mind or for today? 
Yeah! Bring it into the foreground and into your movement.

Thanks for joining, take care of yourself and others,